The Bill Thomas Cheetah

The Alan Green Chevrolet Cheetah as originally raced...

This is the earliest known photograph of the Allen Green Chevrolet Cheetah at the racetrack. This was taken April 1964, at Phoenix, Arizona.

Bend Oregon Road Races 1964

(photos courtesy of Dave Freedman)

Although we have no pictures of this car actually at Seattle Dragway, Larry Webb, who was the chief mechanic, states that in Sept. 1964 they ran the car with a 377ci motor with a dual airmeter, 3.70 differential and road race trim.  It turned 136.50 mph in 10.86seconds. 

Alan Green car #8 leading the factory Car probably with Jerry Titus driving




" Most of the best bound for Westwood", The Vancouver Province, Saturday, May 23, 1964.  This article lists the Cheetah in its Canadian debut, driven by Allen Grant.

The follow up article, "Frisco Man Scorches to Track Mark" which appeared in the The Vancouver Province on May 25, 1964, and transcribed here by Michael Gee, portrays the type of ill-fated luck that has given the Cheetah its notorious reputation.  



Seattle - 1964

 After running its last race in 1972, the Cheetah is on its way to becoming "The Ultimate Street Rod"...


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