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Below is information from "Willy" regarding his experience with the Warrior:

"The car was purchased by JOE DOTTE from Woodbury, MN. with the body mounted on a funny car chassis that was built by a guy named RONNIE TIMENTO from Houma, Joe LouisianaIt came with a 336 CID CHEV engine and B&M TORQUEFLITE transmission. The engine was fuel injected with HILBORN tall stack injection and had a VER RADICAL VERY HIGH LIFT LONG DURATIONcamshaft in it Joe added MUCH chrome and polish and won first place in several rod & custom shows with it after starting the car up and driving around the parking lot of his home building business, he decided he did NOT want to drive it in competition, and asked local hot rodding experts BILL SCHIFSKY AND BYRON NELSON who he should get to drive it, I was recommended and one Saturday morning Joe called me and asked me to meet him at a local dragstrip, and to "bring your firesuit with you" I met Joe, his brother-inlaw, JIM REIBE AND the car at TWINCITY DRAGWAY I got in the car, after MUCH drooling in anticipation of what I was about to do, started it up and drove it around the LARGE pit area for a while to get a "feel" for it, i then drove it up to the starting line, staged the car, brought the RPM up to "wide open" throttle and popped the clutch pedal out.

the car made a VERY straight pass , and ran VERY close to the NHRA B/A NATIONAL RECORD we ran the car in two NHRA POINTS races ( WINIPEG, CANADA. AND MARION S.D. we went to the semi finals at BOTH events, but found that the SHORT 100"wheelbase gave the car a VERY unstable track down the 1/4 mile We won the prestigious "BEST APPEARING CAR" award at Marion S,D. We ran one more event that year (1975) and lost due to "driver error" (RED LIGHT) Over the winter, Joe decided to add a supercharger to the car and runBB/A class and he won a second straight first place trophy at the prestigious GSTA ROD & CUSTOM SPECTACULAR SHOW.  We found out QUICKLY that the added horsepower made the car even more EVIL HANDLING. IN FACT at the 1976 NHRA SPORTSNATIONALS IN BOWLING GREEN, KY. I picked up the nickname "MINNESOTA MADMAN" after a couple of VERY WILD RIDES We also raced at the NHRA WINTERNATIONALS IN 1976, IN POMONA, CALIF. AND broke the NHRA BB/A national record at Marion S.D. , but could not "back it up" as required because we broke the transmission on the run, and did not have a spare The car then sat idle for 13 years until a Minnesota racer bought it, and used it for show and racing last I heard, the car was in Maine, and being used for "bracket racin"( carbuerated, not supercharged ) the reason they took the blower off of it is they could not find anyone who would drive it, again, I volunteered, but could not get together with the owner.  "



These two photos of the Fiberglass Trends car were shot by D. Randy Riggs at Riverside in 1965 at at the HRM Drag Championships.     



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